To be South Sudanese is to be multi-cultural, to understand our history, and to respect the diversity of our people and our society, as one nation.  It is the recognition of South Sudanese diversity that will lead to the affirmation of South Sudanese unity.

The Nile Foundation aims to provide a platform for empowering the youth and uniting the nation through sports, education and training.

Youth Service Program

Providing the mechanism for the mobilization of South Sudanese youth through participation in community and village based service programs.

Athletics Program

Athletic training and competition will play a central role in the formation of national unity, as young South Sudanese participate in athletic events in an inclusive manner, among all tribes, regions and genders.

Educational Program

The Nile Foundation is committed to developing educational facilities as centers of instruction, research and collaboration. A comprehensive national network of community libraries will enable the younger generation to communicate across the states of South Sudan as well as with South Sudanese in the diaspora and youth in neighboring East African states.

Vocational Training Program

The Nile Foundation will create spaces for vocational training as well as develop organizational workshops and small-scale experimental projects for agricultural growth and cultivation at local level.

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